Ubisoft and Microsoft augment your messenger

It's been a rather slow news week, but Ubisoft and Microsoft France may bring some spice to its end. The two companies announced the integration of Ubisoft's YouUp with MSN Messenger.
Ubisoft has been developing YouUp, a technology that relies on face detection in order to insert virtual objects into web camera feed, for the last couple of years. An early demo of YouUp can be seen below -

Following the integration with Messenger, users can now have video chats with an added fun factor (if this is your sort of fun). As Yves Guillemot, chief executive officer at Ubisoft puts it (source):

YouUp will allow users to truly enjoy chatting via webcam. This playful application is fun, offering disguises and hilarious 3D effects that adapt easily to each user’s face

I know, it's not a ground breaking technology (though it seems to be well implemented), but it's further evidence that augmented reality is creeping its way to the mainstream.

(download it here (in French))


Anonymous said...

great catch!
Their face detection is indeed above average.

Here's a question to Yves Guillemot: Looks fun, but how long will you have fun being disguised as Santa or a pirate?

When will Ubisoft build a story with interesting characters and meaningful interactions into it?

rouli said...

I think Prince of Persia was originally by Ubisoft :)

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