Weekly Linkfest

Got a little bit addicted to Google AI Challenge, so I haven't updated as I should have during the last week. Luckily, still have time for a quick linkfest:

Last week I had a video in Dutch, this week we have a video from Lithuania. It seems that in Lithuania the national sport is augmented basketball (or am I making this thing up?). More details, in Lithuanian, here.

Have a splendid week!

Weekly Linkfest

Layar, Pongr, Lumus, The Artvertiser - and the one linkfest to rule them all:
For this week's video, I've got one that is a couple of months old but I've never found the right time to feature it in a post. It's a video demoing the thesis work of one Willem Van den Eynde. I wish I could tell you more, but I don't read Dutch (?) that well. Still cool for a thesis:

Have a great week!

Is There Such a Thing as Pregnancy Induced Stupidity?

warning - this is another one of my nasty posts. Reader discretion is advised.

Is there such a thing as pregnancy induced stupidity? If you examine Simubaby's premise you might reach such a conclusion. How else would you justify its business model? Simubaby, the brain child of the Spanish Atlantis Virtual Reality is a commercial product harnessing the power of augmented reality to help pregnant mothers-to-be visualize how their fetus looks like. Unlike a similar solution from Talking Dog Studios, this one comes with a belt.

Nothing to get mad about you say? Well, you haven't heard the price yet.
It's 60 euros (77 US dollars). And that's after a price cut from 80€. But, don't think of it as 60€ for an ugly belt just so you have somewhere to put the AR marker. No, you also get access to some amazing AI:

With the advice of experts, we have recreated the most important stages of your baby’s growth and with the aid of an artificial intelligence system.

In case you still think that's a product worth paying for, then I've got news for you! I've recently secured access to some magic beans, guaranteed to increase your baby's intelligence using the aid of quantum entanglement system. Only 59.99€ for a bag of 10 beans, and shipping is free.

Weekly Linkfest

Kind of slow week, but we still have some tasty links for you:

As for this week's video we've got a little fun game from Total Immersion’s Partner C4M to promote French pasta brand Lustucru. Unlike previous TI games, this one is iPhone based, though there's still a webcam version. It's called Germaine et les Martiens:

Have a great week!

Weekly Linkfest

Flying drones, electronic musician and virtual girlfriends, all in this week's linkfest:
For this week's video we've got yet another futuristic vision, this time by German designer Björn Matthes. In his diploma project, Araproject, Matthes adds an energetic urban twist to augmented reality:

Araproject - Diploma Project 2008 from bmatthes on Vimeo.

Have a beautiful week, happy
Eid-ul-Fitr and Rosh Hashanah.

Samsung Galaxy Tab - When AR Becomes a Selling Point, We Won

Does this ad mark the transformation of augmented reality from being a term used by the tech-elite to one used by the commons?