Vuzix and Metaio Team Up to Create AR Goggles

Vuzix and Metaio have announced yesterday at the Game Developers Conference an accessory kit for the Vuzix VR920 eyewear. The kit contains a clip on camera (named CamAR) for VR920, which allows the user to see the real world while wearing those goggles, and PhasAR, which is some kind of three-dimensional, six-degrees-of-freedom joystick, in order to interact with the augmented objects. Currently the system looks for fiducial markers, but theoretically, it shouldn't be limited to only those.

The full press release is here.
So, good news for Noha who doesn't need to wait for Vuzix's AV920 Wrap, to play with AR goggles, but of course, he didn't wait and implemented his own version of AR kit for VR920 a while ago.
Updating the score board: Metaio: 2, Total Immersion: 2.

Update: Ori shot the following clip at GDC -


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