iPhone + RFIDs = Coolness

Here's some close range augmented reality for you -

iPhone RFID: object-based media from timo on Vimeo.

Some clever guys from Oslo School of Architecture and Design are behind this prototype, a simple media player that play clips according to the ID of object it senses. Of course, enhancing mobile phones with RFID readers is not a new concept, and Nokia is very active in this area, but as many things do, it looks sexier on the iPhone.

Overall the demo points towards opportunities around the distribution of media through physical objects, it is an example of general ideas around an ‘internet of things’ or ‘spimes’ applied to the world of media. What opportunities would the distribution of RFID-embedded products open up in terms of media, gaming, services and marketing? What does this mean for the future of products?

More details here (via Engadget)


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