Tim O'Reilly on Recognition, RFID and Web 3.0

Here's an interesting interview held this February with Tim O'Reilly, the man behind O'Reilly Media, who is most associated with the Web 2.0 movement.

Jump ahead to 17:50, where he briefly speaks on his vision for the web in the coming years. For O'Reilly, augmented reality is the natural next step from web 2.0, while semantic web is a dead-end. Here are some (not-precise) excerpts:

RFID is an evolutionary dead-end ... semantic web or RFID is things "wearing name-tags", and web 2.0 is learning to recognize things ... We're getting to that kind of augmented reality, where our computers will have senses that are as good as ours or better ... they are going to recognize faces, they are going to recognize objects, they gonna have immediate recall. If you ask me "what's the UI in five years", it's a pair of glasses ... I'm gonna have some kind of little heads up display because I'm gonna look at something, I'm gonna walk around at a meeting and it will go "that's Joe, you met him three years ago".


Unknown said...

I always pictured the semantic web to mean a web of semantic data (ie,all human knowledge arranged in structured triplets of data, with search engines able to answer even the most complex questions by parsing it).

Never associated it anywhere like "wearing name tags" and nothing to do with RFIDs :-/

But, yes, AR, full on HUD type AR is the future for output devices. AR in its ultimate (yet achievable) from could instantly replace thousands of items while simultaneous empowering everyone to do things simply not possible today.
(Guy needs medical attention? the 911 channel can guide you by showing you exactly what to do overlaid onto the real world while they get there.
Need to repair your car? heres what you need to do...
Want to know what that group of stars is called...its this one.
etc etc.
Unlimited potential really)

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