Weekly Linkfest

This week top post at Games Alfresco was the always classic "Top 10 augmented reality demos that will revolutionize video games", if you haven't read it, do yourself a favor and take a look. Lagging far behind, the top post on Augmented Times was "Augmenting Deformable Surfaces".

Here are some more AR related news from around the web:
  • If you can't take augmented reality with you for a dive, you may bring augmented fish to your room, with this project from Canon.
  • I've missed that last week, but apparently, Microsoft hired interactive design firm INVIVIA to create videos for some group named "Volume Studios". That group goal is to "explore in a poetic narrative way how certain developing technologies could begin to blend and augment our daily lives”. Check out two of the (rather bizarre) video at "i started something".
  • Drawing in three dimensions, a futuristic design at Yanko Design.
  • If you always wanted to play an augmented reality game where your goal is to dip chicken nuggets, you need not look any further.
  • Wired is joining the AR fun.
  • It's always great to see amateur programmers' take on AR. This video combined augmented reality with emerging patterns, and I find it lovely
Quote of the week comes from this post at Locative Lab, describing the connection between horror movie "They Live" and the state of augmented reality:
“They Live” in my mind is the canonical, defining vision of what any sort of Augmented Reality should start with. Sort of presenting an “anti” world — the world made strange so that we see it in a different way. Reconstructed. No Pink Pony scenarios or anything that makes the engineer-accountants get eager, sweaty palms. Weird stuff to invert things and better see the alternative possibilities beyond way-finding, tour-guiding, and informatic overlays of measured data.
I don't exactly agree with this position, but it is an interesting take on what should our augmented future look like.
And finally, to start off the next week with a good feeling, here's an interesting project, bringing World of Warcraft multiplayer mini games to a desk near you. It's nothing special, but looks very exciting (at least more exciting than playing the same games using a keyboard):


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