Weekly Linkfest

Well, a very slow week in terms of augmented reality comes to an end. Though the Where 2.0 conference was held this week, there is still no video of the mobile reality panel Ori attended. The slow week also explains why the top post on Game Alfresco was "Top 10 augmented reality demos that will revolutionize video games" for the third week in a row, and on Augmented Times it was the post about the new SREngine video.

Anyway, here are some more augmented-reality related news from around the web:
  • South Korea is investing twelve billion won on augmented reality research. It translates to about 10 million US dollars. Interestingly, South Korea is behind 24% of the world's AR related patents (just after the US and Japan, and twice the number of EU patents). Thanks David for the tip!
  • New Scientist: "Innovation: How cellphones will enhance reality". Nothing really new in there (Enkin, Nokia's MARA and Wikitude are mentioned).
  • Julian Perretta has a whole clip accessible through FLARToolKit for his song "Ride my Star".
  • New video of Tonchidot's Sekai Camera surfaces.
  • From the Where 2.0 - "Wearable Sensory Substitution Devices for Navigation". Augmenting other senses (other than sight) for those who are vision impaired or suffer from Alzheimer. One of my first posts was about this topic, and I'm glad to see that AR is used for helping others.
Finally, the video clip of this week comes from this Coca Cola campaign, making the rounds on Twitter. Looks fun, I guess:


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