Brazilian IKEA uses Augmented Reality to Increase Sales

Last month, this student's project, using AR to advertise IKEA, got me excited. Now, Brazilian furniture retailer Tok&Stok is letting consumers arrange rooms and place furniture using augmented reality. To do so, clients can use AR kiosks placed in stores, as seen in the video below, or try a web-cam based application online.

I guess, augmented reality is only used as a gimmick here, since you could arrange the same furniture using a simple 3d application (after all, it doesn't virtually place the furniture in your room, like the IKEA campaign did). However, the video claims that sells are higher thanks to this application, so who am I to argue.


Jessie@tiered kitchen drawer organizers said...

I am really amazed how they use such technology to market and promote their product which in turn generate indispensable outcome to their actual sales. I wonder if this augmented reality only applies to furniture setting? How about house planning and lay-outing??

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