French Augmented Reality Special!

France celebrates today the Bastille Day, and it's a fantastic opportunity to have a quick review at all the French AR companies we have covered previously on this blog. If I happen to miss your favorite company, please forgive me (I rushed this post), and please leave a comment so I may update this post later.

Total Immersion
Almost every other week we feature a new AR application by the French AR powerhouse Total Immersion, but my favorite thus far was this AR ride they installed at Le Futuroscope:

We all know Int13 from their innovative Kweekies game, but do you remember this amazing real/virtual world interaction?

FittingBox & Alessandro 1313
We covered FittingBox in this post, discussing magic-mirrors. They specialize in letting you virtually try on glasses and shades and made the quite famous Ray-Ban's application.
As for Alessandro 1313, we haven't covered them before. As a matter of fact, I don't know much about them. They operate the site which looks like it's using FittingBox technology (and they link to FittingBox from their blog), but I may be wrong.

Ubisoft is better known for its computer games, but they also collaborated with Microsoft France in turning your MSN Messenger into an AR experience:


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