Future of Social Networking and Games

As you may have noticed, I took some days off blogging. Can't get myself to blog about yet another AR browser (YAARB™) or some run of the mill augmented reality campaign.

However, futuristic concepts still excite me. Check out Matthew Buckland's latest post. With the help of designer Philip Langley, Buckland has conjured a series of illustrations giving us a peak into social network turbo-charged with augmented reality. Below is one such illustration, showing you what's going on in the neighborhood.

Can be quite useful when looking for a new home. You can find the other illustrations (and this one in far higher resolution) here.

Another interesting concept that popped today is PlayboxAR, which is a glimpse to what can become the future of augmented reality games:

This is actually a new video of a rather old concept by one Soho Marky.

The disparity between these concepts and reality reminds us that we are still at the very beginning of a long road. Maybe AR is hot right now, but in the future it's going to be fabulous.

(via @abc3d and The Future Digital Life)


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