Goodbye Ugly Markers?

Earlier today, Ori published this extensive post about Red Bull's latest augmented campaign:

Have you noticed what just happened?
That was natural feature tracking in Flash (powered by Imagination tech). There were no ugly black and white markers, and yet, no plugin (apart from Flash) is used. Is this the first step in the demise of fiducial markers in AR campaigns?
You can play with it here.


Thomas K Carpenter said...

I sure hope so.

Chris Grayson - Minister of Propaganda, GigantiCo said...

I hear a lot of people inside the business cheering for markerless AR. I actually break with the majority on this. My thinking is, for those not so close to it, AR is very new. New enough that most people (overwhelmingly) have never heard of it at all (we're all very close to it). The use of markers becomes an advertisement of sorts -- a point a reference to let people know, "you need to do something, and this is what you need to point that camera at". I think the markers serve more of a purpose that just for registration. Just my 2¢.

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