Three More HMDs to Consider

Cool NEC is developing a head mounted display named Tele Scouter which it hopes to begin shipping somewhere in 2010. The eyepiece shown in the image below has some really neat features like front facing camera and eye tracker. This enables a remote server to see whatever you're looking at, and send you some relevant content to be displayed on the little screen. Not so cool- it's going to cost a small fortune, and NEC is only planning to sell about 1000 of those in the next three years. More details on SlashGear.

Cooler Fellow Japanese company, Brother Industries is not left behind. Apparently they developed a light-weight HMD (by light-weight I mean 350 grams including batteries) that should also hit the stores in 2010. Like in Tele Scout's case this unnamed HMD superimposes the image it generates over reality, not blocking the user's view. So why is it cooler than NEC's device? Well, they use terms like "green diode lasers", and if that doesn't make you blind, it's surely very cool. More details on TechOn.

Coolest Now you can make a HMD right in your own home (though you'll need an iPhone and some cardboard):

Though none of those devices (certainly not the last one :)) is aimed for the AR crowd, I guess that enthusiasts will find way to harness them for cool demos. Don't forget to read Tom's review of more concrete offerings from ISMAR.


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