Augmented Maps with Photosynth

I don't have anything intelligent to say about it, but I was compelled to post it. I'm a big Photosynth fanboy, and always believed it has great potential for augmented reality. On this talk from last Thursday at TED, We see that Microsoft has similar ideas in mind. I would expect more surprises coming from Redmond in 2010

You can read more details about it over at MIT Technology Review or on Bing's blog.


Joey1058 said...

I've played with Photosynth. I've played with MS (now Bing) Maps. And I've played with Worldwide Telescope. This is truly bleeding edge work. Obviously implementation is the key. MS takes forever to get anything really practical for the general public. They have so MANY irons in the fire right now. I'd like to think this will be incorporated into Project Natal or Windows Mobile 7 first. In the meantime, it's good to dream.

Joey1058 said...

Update to previous post:

I just played around with Bing Maps again after watching this. The new tech is pretty well intergrated into Maps already. There is much better upload and render times, based on my six year old laptop. The only thing that I couldn't get to work in Maps was Worldwide Telescope. Perhaps I'm not doing something right, or my laptop is too old. Either way, I need to eat crow from my last post. MS came through on this!

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