Weekly Linkfest

I hope you are ready, here's another linkfest:
  • Tish Shute talks with Brady Forest of Where 2.0 on commercial AR models, whether this is going to be the year of augmented reality and what were the breakthroughs of 2009 (and of course, ARWave)
  • RealVision.ae calls for using augmented reality when coming to teach history. That's a winning proposal, however you probably won't be able to be in the actual location to "AR-experience" most of history lessons (unless your school is super rich).
  • The guys responsible for Yelp's Monocole give a lecture at Stanford's iPhone application development class.
  • SparkView is a mobile AR browser for tracking people.
  • First game based on the Layar platform is demoed at the Mobile World Congress.
  • GlyphPlayer is a one stop shop for all your marker based AR needs (free for non-commercial use)
  • And, for the Chinese new year, now you can download an application for your iPhone showing where you can drink Tiger beer in London's Chinatown. Apparently it's the year of the tiger, but I don't know if that's a coincidence or not.
There's a lot more links piling up, but, unfortunately I'm quite busy till the end of this month.
This week's video is a demo a game called Sky Siege (link to appstore) that will set you back $3. I think that's the best looking pseudo-AR game we have seen yet, too bad its website looks like it was built for geocities.

Happy year of the tiger and valentine to all our readers!


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