Online Image Learning - The Next Big Leap in Mobile AR?

Mobile, image recognition based, augmented reality is very cool, as evident from the Popcode's demos we posted yesterday. However, creation of a model used by the mobile phone to recognize a new image still requires a desktop, hindering realtime creation and sharing of AR content.

Thanks to the work of researchers from the Korean Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology and the Swiss EPFL, this needn't be the case anymore. In a paper titled "Point-and-Shoot for Ubiquitous Tagging on Mobile Phones" accepted to ISMAR 2010, they present a method to scan surfaces and create "recognition-models" by using your phone (no data is sent to a remote server).

You don't even need to take the perfect straight-on picture. As the video below shows, this means you can augment hard to reach surfaces. Best of all, you can share those models with your friends.

A little bit more detail over Wonwoo Lee's blog.


Dario de Judicibus said...

Well, in my opinion augmented reality is just half the job. It allows to superimpose virtual and real world but you really operate only on the virtual one. The other half is controlling real objects from virtual world. Both halves generate what I call Total Reality. You can see some example in this article:

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