AR2D2 - Shoot Down Tie Fighters in Augmented Reality

Post update - the original video was pulled down, but luckily was uploaded again, and some of my questions were answered (in red)

I have so many questions about the next video, and no answers -
Is it real? yes.
Is it an official Star Wars game? probably.
How can I get it? On the Appstore somewhere in mid November. Look for "Falcon Gunner".

I acknowledge that this game is probably not much better than the lurid Firefighter 360, but I feel compelled to try it out, attracted by some mysterious force.


Unknown said...

Looks like they took the video off

rouli said...


weiphi said...

Well, that answers the question of whether this was an "official" Star Wars franchise game :-) I guess not... Any other links to the video?

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