Is Augmented Reality Under Hyped?

Just playing around with Google Ngram viewer. If you didn't get to try it yet, it's a tool that shows the number of times a phrase appears in a big corpus of books that Google scanned.
So, "augmented reality" popularity is rising:

but, it still has a lot to go (at least when compared to virtual reality)

Unfortunately, Google's database stops at the critical point, two years ago, right before the big buzz around AR started. Still, one can appreciate how quickly VR moved from the scientific lecture to popular lecture, while AR is taking its time.


gigabiting said...

It’s either the greatest research tool since the Dewey Decimal System or the internet’s most colossal, pernicious time suck.

Jan said...

Google Insights for Search says no:

They switched! Hurray!

rouli said...

@jan, sadly the reason for the switch is more because VR is crashing than AR is rising.

Augmented Reality said...

Its not exactly a great indicator. . .

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