Why Sports Enthusiasts are the Future of AR

There are a few topics that I've been planning to write about for months (if not years). One of them is the role sports enthusiasts (joggers, swimmers, bicycles fanatics) may have in the adoption of augmented reality head up displays. The recent onslaught of hi-tech ski goggles was the push I needed to finally do something about it.

Instead of writing a long post (which many won't read), I'm trying something new here. I've created a short presentation with only a few words that describes my views. I would be very happy to hear your comments on this format. If you like it, I'll create more presentations on other subjects.

What do you think? Am I completely off my mark here?


Katy Billingsley said...

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Anonymous said...

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Mark Wong said...

I used to work for EA sports. I really wish they would invest in building games for devices like this. Yeah the hardware is a bit premature to run a game... but there's no harm in spending a small amount of resources to secure a good future.

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