Leaf++ : A Social Network Based on Leaves

Well, I guess the title says it all. Leaf++ is the brain child of Italian artist Salvatore Iaconesi that couples together visual search and social networks to augment (you guessed it) leaves. A user can leave (no pun intended) a message on a leaf, to be seen later by other users scanning the same leaf type.

Watching the above video, it seems that some people get high on leaves.

More details can be found on Iaconesi's site.


Anonymous said...

from the video, the idea seems to be interesting... but there is no data to understand if it actually works or not... IMHO, it would be better to have data about statistics of the performance, possibly with respect to lighting condition, type of leaves, colors, etc., instead of people walking with a leaf on the head or moving the camera in circles

rouli said...

well, it's art, not a science project :)

Unknown said...

:) well it's art *and* a science project: we'll get some factual data in just a bit, as we're presenting the thing officially at ISEA 2011 in Istanbul this september, and on several publications. So now we were just tired of coding and went round with leaves on our heads :)
hope you enjoy the results in september: let me know!

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