Augmented Valentine's Day

The Warehouse, a retail chain store from New Zealand had a neat idea for Valentine's day, especially if you are a lazy boyfriend.
This weekend they published a heart shaped marker on (New Zealand's) "The Weakend Herald"

Using the a web tool, one can create a dedicated message for his girlfriend, to be retrieved by going to a specific URL. Now, the (douche bag) boyfriend points his web browser to that URL, calls on his girl, and lets her watch the paper through the lens of a web camera. To her surprise, flowers and hearts pop out to life, followed by the message of love previously written by her boyfriend. Tears come to the girl's eyes, as never before someone had published his love for her on the weekend newspaper.

Of course, later that day, the girl hears the same story of public love from one of her friends, and what was once a romantic gesture from her boyfriend becomes another selfish act from her ex. Well, at least he didn't buy her a nail-clipper.

Go to this site, to see the unembedable video, and learn more.


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