Augmented Reality War Game

Yanko Design reported on designer Frantz Lasorne's thesis project for his master in interaction design (I hope I get this right, my thesis work was on a much duller subject). Lasorne is using Virtools and the ARToolKit for creating (it's still a work in progress) a war game where two children can have virtual armies fight each other on an augmented battlefield (meaning, their parents' living room). Real life items become obstacles for the armies and the goal is to kill the opponent using every mean made possible by the game rules and the battlefield. It's better than Warcraft!

Augmented Reality Toys (Work in progress) from Frantz Lasorne on Vimeo.

According to Lasorne, he combined 3Dvisor's glasses with a web camera in order to have a makeshift AR visor, and he hopes to present the full project at this year's Laval Virtual (22 April). If he is successful, this could very be a defining moment for AR games, so let's wish him goodluck.

Via Yanko Design where you can read the rules of the game.


Anonymous said...

not sure how happy the people at Lego would be about having their figures kill eachother.

Anonymous said...

Alon, Lego has been giving their figures guns in one form or another for a long time. If they're going to have guns, they should kill (or at least impose their wills upon) each other. No use pretending that isn't what they're for.

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