New Video from the Artvertiser

The guys from one of my favorite augmented reality projects, the Artvertiser have published a new video (well, actually, it's about a week old, but it's new to me). The Artvertiser, unlike all those pseudo AR projects we recently reported about, truly aims at augmenting our reality. The concept is quite amazing, using a hand held device, outdoor advertisements are replaced with art pieces. After all, ads are the prefect canvas for AR - they can be (relatively) easy to identify, they are everywhere, and most of us will not miss them.

The Artvertiser: Urban beta - Report 1 from Julian Oliver on Vimeo.

True, this demo was done using a PC and a high-end camera, but for a project that is barely one year old, it seems very promising. Moreover, Julian Oliver, Clara Boj and Diego Diaz, who are behind the project, aim to bring it to either Android or Symbian based phones by the end of the year. I for one, wish them good luck with that!


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