Two Interesting AR Talks

Short update for today (I need some rest, too many posts in the last few days).
First, TED uploaded MIT's Pattie Maes' talk, about projected augmented reality, which we talked about here (and so did the rest of the blogosphere).

Next, Ori Inbar of Games Alfresco, has uploaded his talk from the WARM 09 conference. In his talk he discusses his vision of AR games as an educating tool (if I got it right), and why we should target kids as the early adopters of augmented reality. It's really interesting, though I'm still not that sure AR is the best technology for enriching kids' education experience (see this talk from TED 2009 for another compelling concept). Ori's talk is embedded below, but you should go read his post and the comments following it.

Augmented Reality Today: WARM '09 from Ori Inbar on Vimeo.


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