You knew it was coming.
Spanish designer Diego Gopen (linkedin page) has done what I'm surprised no one has done before. He recently registered the domain, promising to provide a service that would change the world of advertisement. You guessed it folks - he's gonna use augmented reality to do so.

ARvertising is the new shiny star of the non conventional marketing. It came from the mix between AR (Augmented Reality) + advertising.

This is not advertising.
But ARvertising.

What´s coming out if we mix "Magic Realism" artistic genre, a door-to-door sales man, a mirror and the very top technology?
We have the answer. And its much more impressive that what you imagine...

Technology wise, he seems to use the plain old FLARToolKit, but since the site still lacks any substantial details, this is only an educated guess due to how he tagged the videos he uploaded to Youtube:

As you may tell, I'm a bit pissed off. First, this is another instance of novelty AR, bringing augmented reality closer to being a fad that will be tossed away by the general public the next season. Then, I'm also angry at myself, for not registering that domain myself. Surely I could have made a few bucks ...


Brian said...

I too am kicking myself.. that's a great URL and brand to capitalize on what is certain to be an exploding sector in the coming years.

I have not seen too many demo's of AR with video integration posted to the web, so while I agree novelty AR (cube with marker), it's a welcome example.

Thanks for sharing. I see is still available. Maybe you should grab that! ;)

Unknown said...

I wouldnt worry.
The fact that advertising use's it as a novelty dosnt mean the public will ignore it when its actualy a usefull tool (Wikitude etc), or when AR games finaly hit mainstream.
I guess having a "gee-wizz" factor already used up by advertising might slow its adoption, but it dosnt remove its usefullness, and thus it will still take off.

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