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Hey all, today I'm happy to bring you some exciting news. Ori from Games Alfresco and yours truly have decided to join forces in hopes of creating a central hub for all augmented reality fans and professionals. At first, I'll publish some of my posts both over here and on Games Alfresco, starting from today's linkfest (due to some technical problems, it may take some time for this first post to appear in Games Alfresco). Please leave a comment and tell us what you think about this collaboration!
And now for some other AR news from around the web -
Finally, the following video was doing the rounds this last week -

It's iVisit's SeeScan, an application under development for Windows Mobile that intends to help the visually impaired, but could have other uses for AR (a bit more information here).


Brian Selzer said...

Nice move! That's one less Blogroll link needed now, I suppose.

Faithfull coverage of AR is only done by a few people on a regular basis, so it might make sense to strike now and have one preeminent go-to spot for all things AR. A nice way to build traffic, and make some money on ad revenue perhaps...

Also, it is important that we band together and make certain the potential of AR and the vision of its evolution remains focused. It wont be long before AR is getting the attention that Virtual Worlds and Location-Aware technologies are getting now. Soon enough, the mass-market will better understand how these technologies will merge together and truly transform our world. The adventure is just getting started.

Best of luck!


David Beaney said...

I second that idea. The few blogs there are tend to be updated irregularly. Possibly this is because news doesn't come that often, but I think if there was one central major blog that would be a good idea. I don't think there is enough interest for a forum at this stage, but perhaps a wiki detailing subjects such as the free software available, etc.

Thomas K Carpenter said...

Great idea Rouli and thanks for the linkage. Though the link to my site is broken for me.

rouli said...

@Thomas -
Sorry, fixed now.

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