Feel Unease with the Cloud Mirror

Eric Gradman dropped me a note about an art installation he presented two weeks ago at an event named Mindshare:

The Cloud Mirror from eric gradman on Vimeo.

So says Eric:
Live video captured by a camera and is re-projected on the wall behind the camera, functioning like a “magic mirror.” But the CLOUD MIRROR software alters the images on the way to the screen. It runs an algorithm that tracks faces from frame to frame and also examines each frame for 2D barcodes printed on attendee badges. By pairing each face with a badge, and each badge id with a database row, the CLOUD MIRROR can identify by name whoever is standing in front of the installation.

It's very similar to this Squidder's video, but adds more ways to embarrass yourself and others. More (mostly technical) details can be found here, but in a nutshell it's based on ARToolKitPlus, OpenCV for face recognition, and lots of python.

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