Wildlife's Fate is in your Hands

Wow, this is quite a busy week, full of augmented reality goodies. This next application comes to us from WWF China, and I almost missed it.

Using the freely available application for S60 cellular phones, you can place a teddy bear in the "real" (urban) world, and watch it getting injured in many unpleasant way. Apart from hitting walls, falling down stairs and getting hit by cars, you can manually torture it by flicking your finger.
That should encourage you to protect wildlife's natural habitats, but I'm not that sure the application serves its purpose. On the bright side, it's a campaign that uses AR in an innovative way, and doesn't follow the path of previous novelty-AR ad campaigns. It was conceived by BBH China and implemented by Qdero.

Link, via Sergey Ten Twitter feed, sorta.


David Beaney said...

Wow that's a nice one. Finally a markerless application, and running on a mobile device as well!

France said...

I don't think it's an augmented reality application. Perhaps I'm wrong but I tested it, and I think the angle and the size of the animation are static. I think it's just a 2D sprite animation over a camera capture (with a very ugly sound). Just test it, it's quite obvious.

rouli said...

I don't have a compatible phone, but I'll try to look into it. It does seem to react to what happens on the video input, but I'll take your word for it in the meanwhile.

France said...

Ok, I made several videos to understand it.
I think there is an image processing. It detects dark and bright areas. The bear falls when he
runs into something dark.
A link to my video: http://www.int13.net/france/home/wwf_mpeg4.avi
it isn't the best condition but I just tried to understand how it works.
There is no 3D registration, I'm pretty sure, and no 3D content (fixed 2D animation).

France said...

"static" not "fixed" (my english is so bad :-))

ahmed said...

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