Stop Using AR to Sell CARS

Advertisers learned a new trick and they are over using it. If last year was the year of viral marketing, featuring unbelievable videos on Youtube, this year seams to be the year of augmented marketing. Leading the way (to over exposure) is the car industry. Here's a list of previous attempts to "excite us":
And now (April 2009), BMW Z4:

And you can even share your creations on Facebook. That's just ... great.
(Ori wrote on the same topic a month ago)



Thomas K Carpenter said...

I think you have a good point Rouli, but I think without the AR infastructure in place better use AR, we're going to be stuck with a lot of gimicks for the next year. I do like the Toyota one because it shows all the car parts, but I'm biased as a Toyota employee.

Anonymous said...

Why do you care? Is AR holy tech that should be used for advertising?

On the contrary, the fact that the car industry is using AR to promote their products is giving this tech awareness to the public. This will eventually help create a market for AR and allow us to benefit from great softs...

rouli said...

AR is not a holy technology. But I don't see any good coming out of this - the campaigns today are pretty much the same as the campaigns from a year ago. The problem here is that the ad agencies just want to make more money be selling their client "new and exciting" campaigns. They don't care about the tech, or the public awareness. And they will abandon AR as soon as some new hot technology comes around.

Prashant Dalvi said...
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Oh the irony said...

Isn't it for cars that mass market GPS was mostly invented for, and now AR is benefiting from it ?

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