Freaky Friday - Cadavers and Skelator

The following video comes as a comment for my previous post "X-Ray Vision via Augmented Reality", which dealt with using image processing techniques to make virtual projects look better situated within our reality (as opposed to floating-around). Denis Kalkofen wrote-in about the following project by TU Munich presented in ISMAR 2007 (watch out, first minute features the back of a cadaver, but the second part features a nice, lively, girl):

The more realistic integration of virtual objects is carried by blending them with the skin of the patient. The opacity of the skin is determined by several parameters, one of them is its local curvature (which makes the nose stand out). The registration of the scene is another feat of engineering, with three cameras (one of them infrared) on the head mounted device, and 6 more hanging from the room's ceiling. It's a far cry from what available for mobile-AR developers, but it shows that the industry has much to aspire to.

More details, here.