An Interview with Ori Inbar

We may be partners on Games Alfresco, but Ori never told me about interviewing with UgoTrade. It's a very long interview, looking at Ori's past, AR's future and even at electric cars, so there's no one definite quote I can pull out of there.
However, Ori did expose some details about Pookatak Games' first game, to be released this summer:

Tish: I don’t know how much you can say about your app. But in regard to doing augmented reality on the iPhone.. there’s no compass. Is this a limitation?

Ori: True, no compass yet. But the camera gives you a lot of information that you can interact with. When you run the application, you see the world in front of you, and if the app can recognize real life objects - it can put virtual elements on top of it.

Tish: But not with any accuracy unless you’re using markers. Are you using markers?

Ori: We’re using natural feature recognition. It doesn’t have to be an ugly looking marker. It can be any image.

Tish: So you’re using image recognition. Are you working with one of these image recognition startup companies (list here )?

Ori: We’re working with one of those. What’s unique about it is it runs very nicely on any cell phone, and on the iPhone it works the best. For this first app, it doesn’t really matter where you are physically; the geolocation is not part of the experience.
Go here, in order to read the whole interview.


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