Star Trek's Augmented Reality

On Sunday I wrote:
The new Star Trek movie has some AR in its ARG (but I don't really CARE).
But at the time, I had every reason not to care. First, the augmented reality experience was accessible after playing a long alternative reality game. And then, after all your efforts, you were awarded with this "not so great" AR:

Well, it turns out that there's a better AR application promoting the new Star Trek movie, easily accessible over the net. Created using Total Immersion's D'Fusion, this one let you explore the decks of the Enterprise and fire its weapons by pointing a decent looking marker at your web camera:

Try it yourself on
(via /Film)


Ori Inbar said...

Looked very promising, but after installing the viewer (*cough*flartoolkit needs no installer) it bombed my Mac's Firefox.
Second trial worked fine though the animation was spotty. Then it crashed again.
Any PC's out there with better luck?

rouli said...

Well, if only I had a color printer to try it out myself ...
Sometimes I miss those ugly black and white markers of yore :)

Anonymous said...

A black and white print out will work too, it does not have to be in color.

Anonymous said...

My PC with Ie7/XP SP2 only shows lines like a TV thats not tuned in....anyone else have any luck??
(Also help for ideas to fix?? - as the GE site and living sasquach work fine)


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