Two New Videos of Sekai Camera Surface

One of this blogger's favorite things is being critical of Tonchidot's Sekai Camera. After all, their so called revolutionary technology is nothing more than GPS based augmented reality. Problem is, there is not much information about them, so I had only a small number of opportunities to mock them (here and here).
Now I've found two new videos starring Takahito Iguchi, Tonchidot's CEO, on Both originate from what seems to be a european tour held last month by Iguchi. The first video is a short interview, looking for Iguchi's sources of inspiration, which you can see here.
More interesting is the second video, where Iguchi demos Sekai Camera on the Marketing 2.0 conference held in France. He stops reading from his papers and starts demoing at about 7 minutes in, and I think it's the best overview on how the Sekai Camera works we've seen till now:

I believe it's the first time we see that one can use this application to leave vocal notes. Even better, one can use it to hit on girls. Two other things to notice is the Air Pocket service, that lets you save to your device notes of a specific location, and the Air Filter service that lets you filter the notes visible to you according to several parameters. Still, I don't think that Air Filter alone is going to be enough in order to fight the spam that will plague this application if it ever becomes popular.


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