Credit Wars Made Easy

It was bound to happen. As augmented reality becomes more and more prevalent, it was all a matter of time till someone took credit for something he is probably not entitled for. Enter Chris Hughes best known for jailbreaking the first iPhone. Last February, at TED palmsprings, Hughes briefly showcased his work that "makes creating 'augmented reality' a cinch".

If this demo looks familiar to you, you are not alone. Ralph Hauwert, a Papervision3d developer, took offence at Hughes talk, and subsequent interview. According to Hauwert, Huges is taking credit for porting ARToolKit to flash, while he only took FLARToolKit and "followed a tutorial like this one from the FlashBlog, then gathered all his courage and energy to work with 2 opensource projects and take credit for it" (source).

Apparently, TED folks are working to fix things up. Till then, you can find more details over Hauwert's blog.


ChrispyChrunch said...

Chris Hughes is a moron, he tried to take credit for Flash-enabled augmented reality. In reality, he just modified some tutorial code and passed it off as his own work. This guy is seriously stupid or an egomaniac, he even claimed to be reponsible for the technology behind FLARToolkit and PV3D. This guy is going to be the laughing stock in the AR community.

jlee said...

If you really want to learn how to use FLARToolkit, just read the following tutorials:

If you download the code that Chris Hughe's put on his blog for his TED talk, you will realise that he just modified the code from the above tutorials, and then went on TED claiming that he created Flash-enabled augmented reality.

The bottomline is, Chris Hughes lied to get on TED. Once on the TED stage, he further lied saying that he was responsible for the technology behind Flash-enabled augmented reality, when he knew all along that he had nothing to do with creating the FLARToolkit or Papervision3D software libraries.

Chris Hughes tried to take credit for work he did not do. And now he is refusing to acknowledge that he lied on stage at TED.

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