Augmented Job Board

When you look for augmented reality news and insights, Games Alfresco and Augmented Times are there for you, and so for thousands others. Judging from last week's poll, our readers come from all walks of life, but all share a passion for augmented reality. So, it's only natural that if your company or your research institute is looking to fill up an AR related position, or even if you are looking for a partner for an AR project, you will look for the right person here.
I was thinking of have a bi-weekly post consisting of open positions sent by our beloved readers. If you thinks it's a good idea, an have an open position in mind, feel free to email me at|at| If on the other hand, you are a loyal reader and hate the idea (since you prefer this blog just as it is), please leave a comment.

To get things started here are some positions I've handpicked from around the web. Obviously, that's not a very long or attractive list, but with some help from you it can become useful.
  • AR integrator at Fake (UK) - Strong programming background in C, Proficient with Total Immersion SDK
  • Augmented reality expert at Harvard Technology Partners (Netherlands) - We are working on a innovative project for image analysis and processing and need knowledge of several domains in 2d analysis
  • Member of Research Staff of User Experiences at Nokia Hollywood - Nokia Research Center Hollywood (NRCH) seeks a researcher in user experiences to join their newly established research center based in Santa Monica, California. This exciting lab is carrying out a range of research activities in the areas of mobile augmented reality experiences; innovative use of sensors; new forms of user interface and interaction; tools for content creation for mobile devices and large-scale mobile internet services, systems and solutions.