Wikitude Drive!

Just this Monday I was criticizing Mobilizy for having a very low-key release of their new Wikitude version. My main point was that a press release doesn't cut it these day, and augmented reality, being visually oriented, should be demonstrated using a video clip.
Come Friday, and Wikitude produces a new rabbit out of its head. Wikitude Drive is a natural extension to "AR browser" applications, providing on screen directions and augmented arrows you could follow to arrive to your destination. And this time, you don't have to understand my cumbersome description, since the press release was "augmented" with a Youtube clip:

I guess that it's not that useful when driving, but when it comes to walking directions, that's an application I would love to have at hand.
More details, here.


lester said...

I find the whole idea of mobile augmented reality while driving scary. As part of a HUD in the windscreen it's fine but holding up a mobile phone and trying to follow directions is just wrong.

rouli said...

Yes, exactly, that's why I think it (Wikitude Drive) is not that useful for getting around while driving.

phil said...

Hello, actually the phone is not supposed to be held while driving. In this video I am not the driver of course. I'm just holding the phone and do the filming. Regards,

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