Follow Friday - AR Favorites in Twitter (part two)

Continuing my endeavor from last week, here are some more recommended accounts to follow on Twitter if you are interested in augmented reality. As promised, today I'm going to focus on mobile augmented reality companies. But first, let me just add two more guys that I absentmindedly missed last time.
  • @chrisgrayson - Chris is the only advertisement guy I'm willing to follow. Many times he finds interesting AR oriented links long before anyone else. Moreover, he is very concise, and won't spam you with mundane links, so there's no reason not to follow him.
  • @thomaskcarpente - Thomas Carpenter is of course the guy behind The Future Digital Life. He's new on Twitter, but if his blog is any sign, you wouldn't want to miss following him on Twitter.
And now, without further ado, mobile augmented reality accounts:
  • @Wikitude - The official account for the Austrian trailblazers Mobilizy. It's really all about Wikitude, and a bit spammy, but there's no better source for news about this application. Advanced users - check out Mark Kramer's account, Mobilizy's human experience lead.
  • @LayarMobile - Probably the world's most famous mobile AR application, Layar is also the most followed account on this list. Mainly about Layar, but sometimes tweets about the external ARSphere. Advanced users - chekout Raimo van der Klein's account, Layar's CEO.
  • @acrossair - makers of London's tube finder AR app (and NY subway, and so on...), and recently their own AR browser.
  • @srengine - One of the few AR applications that is based on image recognition. Partly in Japanese, but you are more likely to see English over its Twitter account than on its official blog.
  • @GeoVector - One of the first players in the field of mobile augmented reality. When their World Surfer browser like application for the iPhone is approved by Apple they may become a strong player in the western hemisphere.
  • @symbiancoder - David Caabeiro's account, one of the developers at Sequence Point Software, makers of ARound, your best option for Symbian based AR.
  • @Robotvision - The AR browser we wrote about here. Only one tweet to date, so advanced users should follow Tim Sears, the guy behind it.
  • @sekaicamera - Tonchidot's Sekai Camera, The AR sensation from Japan. Only five tweets till now, but should warm up as they prepare to launch soon.
Obviously, this list is not comprehensive, and I've probably missed some accounts. If you know of any account that should be added to this list (does Gamaray have one?), please leave a comment, or better yet tweet me. As always, you can follow me on twitter at @augmented.