Follow Friday - Augmented Reality Favorites on Twitter

Augmented reality and Twitter. Both are currently hyped as game changers, regardless of their current impact on the world. We have covered in the past some AR applications that brought tweets to the real world (e.g. Twittaround, Cloud Mirror and Squidder's augmented T-shirts).

This time around, it's time to cover the augmented reality scene on Twitter, starting with some recommended accounts to follow. Please note that this list is far from comprehensive, so feel free to leave your favorite twitters in the comment sections. Moreover I'll try to to make this a reoccurring feature over here, so in the long run we'll have a pretty thorough directory of interesting augmented reality twitter accounts.

  • @Comogard - Ori Inbar's account, has the best signal to noise ratio, since it's dedicated to AR.
  • @RobertRice - Neogence's CEO and "AR philosopher". Though augmented reality is not the only topic Rice tweets about (lots of politics and some sports), he is one of the most interesting accounts you can follow, having an inspiring yet grounded vision of AR.
  • @twitt_ar - Danika is an intern at Metaio, and a valuable resource for AR related news.
  • @TishShute - Not only does Tish Shute interviews the industry's leaders over UgoTrade, she's also has an active AR twitter that is worth the follow.
  • @noazark - Follow Noah Zerkin if you are interested in some "Mad Scientist" perspective on augmented reality, as he single handedly builds an AR glove.
  • @iguchi - Takahito Iguchi is the CEO of Tonchidot, makers of Sekai Camera. Though most of his tweets are in Japanese he is very tuned to augmented reality and mobile innovation and features some interesting links.
  • @augmented - That's me! (at least my Twitter account that is dedicated to AR). I regularly post there links to interesting articles and videos that I find and don't have the time to cover on this blog.
Next time, mobile augmented reality on twitter, till then, have a pleasent weekend!


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