Et tu Citroen DS3?

(Update: I don't know French).
The Citroën DS3 joins the ranks of cars that get an augmented reality campaign, thanks to Total Immersion.

Yes, it's not as lame as other cars AR campaigns, with its little racing game. However, it won't be spared from becoming the latest addition to my growing petition to stop using AR to promote cars.


France said...

In french it's: "es-tu"

je suis
tu es
il est

rouli said...

but isn't "et tu" means "you too"?
as in "you too Brutus?"

France said...

Nope, "et" means "and"
and "tu" means "you".
But if you want to say: "And you?" it's "Et toi ?"

But it's ok, we used to read some french words all around the world with no sense :-)

rouli said...

Ah, thanks. I hope my high school French teacher isn't reading this.
I knew et means and, but I should have remembered it's "Et toi".

ARnewsroom said...

Thanks for this Video Rouli!! Your petition seems to be the first Anti AR petition ever.

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