Augmented Reality and the Future of Social Interactiona

Jessica Lamb, a student at Georgetown University pursuing a Master's degree in Communication, Culture & Technology asks:

If we are more easily able to find information about things and people around us — how do you think that might change the way we interact with people when we rely more and more on computers to deliver information we used to rely on people for?

Do you think that easier access to information will help or hinder meaningful social interactions? Will it create a bigger gap between people who can leverage virtual communications to widen their social network and those who are more reclusive? Do you think AR is more likely to expand or shrink the majority of people's social networks?

Like many other technologies, scifi grade augmented reality can have both a positive and negative effect on one's social life. Reclusive people will find the loss of anonymity a real threat, making them even more reclusive. On the other hand, friendly people will find more people to befriended with, and common interests with strangers.
Some will think of AR as a wonderful technology that transfers all the advantages of cyberspace to the real world, and for others, it will bring the dangers.

And yet, Jessica (and yours truly) are interested in your opinion on the subject. Be a science fiction author for a day and share your thoughts in the comments.


Joey1058 said...

AR burst on the scene with wild promises, and awesome expectations. What we're currently getting is obviously far short of the hype. But make no mistake, the false start is the tip of the iceberg. Social networking is going to stablize as well. There are going to be people that will have every app imaginable, and there are going to be people who still won't give up a land line. Then there will be people like me who are somewhere in between. Just don't let all the hype take you down. I did at first. But I know that AR will have a shakeout, then stablize. THEN it's going to become the tool it's envisioned for.

rouli said...

Don't worry, no one can say my mind is clouded with hype. See some of my recent posts, I'm quite a pessimist when it comes to AR's future.

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