Weekly Linkfest

A slow news week, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. Nevertheless, here are some augmented reality related news from around the web:
Weekly quote comes from the fantastic piece, Augmented Reality Network Crashes, Leaving Millions Dataless, imagining a news article from the future:

“I started chatting with a very nice man in line with me at the deli near by office,” said Chicago resident Sue Spiches. “I was waiting for information about him to pop up on my contact lenses, but it never came. For all I know, he was a registered sex offender or a Mormon.”
And this week's video comes to us from MindSpace Solutions a spinout company from Hit Lab NZ, which created a device called the Digital Binocular Station. Using extra sensitive sensors in the base station, this pair of binoculars can augmented a museum display (or any other room) in a way unmatched by any of their competitors, or at least that's what the video suggests. I'll have to visit New Zealand to try it out (here's my vote for holding ISMAR 2011 in New Zealand).

Have a great week!


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