ISMAR Linkfest - Second Edition

Since posting last week's linkfest, quite a few more articles and videos about ISMAR have appeared, check them out:
  • You knew it were coming, Tish Shute has a very extensive review of ISMAR on UgoTrade that has plenty of pictures of the cool demos and attendees.
  • Layar's CTO Dirk Groten shares his reflections on ISMAR, focusing on the presentations given by the various augmented reality browsers makers, each focusing on a specific niche, and exploring where browsers can go next.
  • Programmer Joe has an excellent summary of his adventures at ISMAR. Here's a point worth keeping in mind "I think that ... Layar pushes location based services forward in a huge way by providing access to multiple content providers from a single app. One day no one will remember that they started out as primarily an AR app."
  • Thomas Carpenter has his own summary with some great points, for example, "Don’t wait. Use the technology at hand to make the killer AR app."

And here's a video summary of Columbia university research into augmented reality menu systems, which produced the interesting result that users have better response times when menus are aligned with the camera coordinates than with the coordinates of the item they are augmenting. Gail Carmichael explains it in detail over here.


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