Sixth Sense at TED India

I thought that the next talk given by MIT's Pranav Mistry at TED India earlier this month was worth posting over here. True, most of the use cases shown in this video were already presented on February. And true, Graz's Daniel wagner was absolutely right calling Sixth Sense conceptual.
Yet, even as a conceptual work, it's beautiful, and the new "dragging real life to the computer screen" demo makes this video worth watching (or just jump to it at the 10 minute mark):


Anonymous said...

The drag and drop feature is actually a major feature I'm hoping to have when HMDs are finally available. I get into a library, and simply point to a paragraph in a book, and either pinch it like he does, or say some command. This kind of concept will make Google extremely happy, as bookscanning gets done in increments on the fly. They constantly index, and if they cross reference, the books get assembled into files the way traditional book scanning happens now.

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