Augmented Reality in 2010: Ori Inbar's Predictions (Part 10)

Well, if you read this blog you probably don't need me to introduce Ori Inbar. But if you don't already know him, he's the founder of Games Alfresco and a whole lot of other things. Here are his predictions:
  1. Bruce Sterling will secure his position in the history books as THE evangelist of the augmented reality movement
  2. Blair MacIntyre will start a successful AR game company but will still miss the good 'ol days at Georgia Tech (just announced! new company is Aura)
  3. Georg Klein will launch an amazing mobile AR proof of concept that will inject Microsoft into the AR limelight (the product will only get commercial years later)
  4. 10x AR users over 2009 (i.e. ten times more AR users than in 2009)
  5. 10x AR apps over 2009
  6. 10x total AR industry revenue over 2009
  7. 10x total investments in AR start ups over 2009
  8. The center of the AR world (according to Google trends) will shift from East Asia (South Korea) to the West (US and EU)
  9. At least one major chip manufacturer will announce the inclusion of AR capabilities on its chip
  10. In 2008 we predicted that "2009 will be the year where AR breaks from the lab and gets in the hands of consumers". Totally happened! (but very few are really using it...)
2010 will be the year where consumers fall in love with AR - start using it in their daily lives and enjoy it!
Now, if there is someone with a lot of inside information about the industry, that's Ori. So I'll take his predictions very seriously. The prediction about investment should be easy enough to check - we should see at least $50 million in investments in 2010. Let's hope so!

So, that's it folks. Our last predictions post for this series (unless someone will suddenly send me another one). Remember, the poll is open till January 1st, so cast in your votes for what you think is most probable to come true in 2010.

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