Augmented Reality in 2010 (part two)

Let me be the first to share his predictions (don't worry, it only gets better from here on). Following are five outrageous, yet reasonable, predictions about augmented reality for the next twelve months.

Oprah discovers augmented reality
In 2009 she catapulted Twitter to the public eye, and in her last year as day-time host, Oprah Winfrey will do the same for augmented reality. After learning of all the cool features of the latest 4.0 release of Layar, from NY Times columnist David Pogue ("You can actually see where I parked my car with this gadget? That's amazing!") , Oprah give an iPhone preloaded with Layar to everyone in her audience. Augmented reality has become mainstream.

Microsoft buys Wikitude

April 2010. A young engineer at Redmond comes with a brilliant idea on how to push Photosynth forward. So many people are using augmented reality browsers not realizing they are taking an enormous number of geo-tagged photographs. If only those photos were uploaded to one centralized place, they could serve as a great input for Photosynth. And thus Microsoft acquires Wikitude gaining a visual coverage of major cities around the world. Google's Streetview becomes outdated overnight.

Augmented Reality is blamed to incite violence amongst teens
May 2010. Parents across middle America rally together, calling to ban violent AR games from the iTunes appstore. This, following a shooting accident that left two high school kids wounded. The shooter, a teenage boy that no one noticed until the incident, was apparently addicted to the latest augmented shooting game augmented sniper (only $1.99 on the appstore). Soon, many other augmented reality applications find themselves under attack.

Augmented Playboy
February 2010. Playboy, taking a lesson from Esquire, issues a special edition featuring augmented reality markers (shaped like their logo's bunny) that lets you see that month's centerfold actually sitting on your sofa in your very own living room. Using another marker with an image of a hand on it, the user can tickle her. The technology is said to have been acquired from a Japanese company that made a similar product starring a Manga character. The porn industry is not very far behind, and March 2010 marks the release data of the first AR pornographic film (and my readers will excuse me for not going into details).

Apple tries to patent augmented reality
And succeeds in doing so. But no one cares except AR bloggers around the world.

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The fine print - I've tossed a coin before using Layar for the first prediction and Wikitude for the second. No hidden intention was behind choosing those two.
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Anonymous said...

Apple patents AR. ROTFLMAO! Only if they want to butt heads with Google!

Microsoft buys Wikitude. IMO, Photosynth is a stupendous tech, that MS simply hasn't got a clue to use it for. They do use it for Bing maps, but the Bing techs should have been scouring all the photo sites for non-copyright location pics, of course meta tagging the owners info for credit.

Unknown said...

try GeoVector patents:

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