Thomas Wrobel: Augmented Reality in 2010 (Part 3)

Thomas Wrobel is our first "outside expert" to share his predictions for augmented reality in 2010 over this blog. Thomas is a regular commenter on Games Alfresco (under his own name and under the username Darkflame), the man behind Rateoholic, one of the driving forces behind the AR Wave initiative, and a swell guy in general.

* Google will move into AR space. Probably a simple expansion of google maps to have street view on mobile devices with a transparent rather then preset views. Expect googlemap pins hovering in your view space in the not too distant future.

* First use of image based outdoor positioning to give sub-meter position accuracy demonstrated. The race to map cityscapes start.

* A merging or two or more AR firms.

* Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft *all* show of specific first party new AR applications. (DSi,PSP and Natal based most likely)

* A half decent AR dedicated HMD will finally come out, even if its not consumer level.

* The first cross-browser cross-platform AR content will start to appear.

* AR technology will become a persistent element in at least one major western tv show and will be presented in a fairly realistic manor.

* Many sites catalogues AR specific apps and games will start. Possibly even category searches appearing on app shops specifically for them.

* The Daily Show will make fun of AR. (and maybe have an interview with a predominant figure in that space)

* At least 5 augmented reality outdoor gaming events will be held. Scratch that. Make it 10.

and, umm, some hosting of AR content on Wave servers ;)

Again, Thomas was asked for his predictions prior to Google's recent moves, so you'll have to excuse him for the first bullet point.
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I'm waiting for Hollywood to buy the film rights to Rainbows End.

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