Lester Madden: Augmented Reality in 2010 (Part 4)

Lester Madden is the editor and publisher of Augmented Planet, a rising star in the skies of augmented reality blogging. He also doesn't lack any experience, as a former manager at Symbian, Nokia and Skype.
Following are his predictions for 2010, some of them are very interesting. Are 3d browsers really a fad or opening new avenues for mobile augmented reality? Would Wikitude and Layar unite? Tell us what you think, and don't forget to check out our survey.
This is what I think will happen in 2010, feel free to use any of them.
  • 3D browsers will be a fad (Junaio/Layar 3D)
  • Augmented GPS will arrive (eg TomTom's with cameras)
  • By the end of the year I think we'll see some early form of face recognition on the iPhone/Android. It wont be perfect but it will arrive.
  • I see either Layar buying Wikitude or Wikitude buying Layar
    • either way I don't see their being 2 main browsers at the end of 2010, we'll be down to one (sooner or later VCs will want to see some money being made). VC's are investing a lot of cash in Layar and they will want to see where that money is going, Layar will need to get some layers that bring value to the platform or risk disappearing. Layar is a bit like Skype, they have a great product but are not getting any decent content created with their API.
  • Despite what Layar say, I don't see them releasing a Symbian version of their app. Too much effort for no reward (no distribution channel)
  • I think consumers will get tried of the current 'throw data in the camera view and call it augmented reality' applications we have today. We'll continue to to see hype and everyone who owns POIs will continue produce so called AR apps but I think we are reaching the top of the curve and consumer will want more. Once Apple open up the api marker based games will be the next wonder

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Anonymous said...

Games will make a decent AR contribution, but I can't see it dominating the market. They'll lose many of the investors that they're trying to pull in. Games would push productivity apps out of the way and AR will wallow for several more years.

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