Augmented Reality in 2010 (part one)

As I've said yesterday, we dedicate this week for predicting AR trends in 2010. Over the last few weeks I've asked AR luminaries for their predictions, and I'm going to post them over here (before getting insulted for not being asked, first check your spam folder).

But more importantly, we are giving you, or beloved readers, a chance to predict the future. Please use the following survey to chose those predictions that you believe will come true in the next year (you can choose more than one).

Hopefully, the wisdom of the crowds will prove itself once more, and we will have a very good sense of what's going to happen. The results will posts on the first week of January, but please don't wait, and vote now:

Moreover, feel free to share your own predictions. You can post them here in the comments section, on your own blog, on Twitter (use the hash tag #AR2010), or even send them to me (


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