Weekly Linkfest

Before the linkfest, let me share some exciting news. Starting from tomorrow, and throughout the week, I'll be posting augmented reality predictions for 2010 from top AR luminaries. But wait, there's more - I'm hoping to harness wisdom of the very smart crowds reading this blog, by putting on a survey were you can vote for your favorite predictions. Hope to see you tomorrow!

And now, as usual, the weekly linkfest:
  • The first AR DevCamp was held yesterday. Thomas Wrobel (can I say our very own Thomas Wrobel?) had an FAQ prepared for the occasion, about the AR wave initiative.
  • On the mobile browsers front - Layar 3.0 is out (also see AugmentedPlanet's review). I should have really dedicated a post for it. In a nutshell, this latest version, and the presented use-cases are really making Layar much more than just a "browser". You can create augmented tours, games, and city scapes which is a huge step over just showing the "closest" x.
  • Augment Pro review of Presselite's Twitter-360, a browser like app that shows you nearby tweets from your friends
  • And AcrossAir is behind "Le Bar Guide" an application created for beer label Stella Artois that lets you find closest bars (serving that beer).
  • Sarnoff presents an augmented reality training system for the US military with virtual baddies. I really want to see a video of that.
  • Augmented reality via Silverlight (Microsoft response to Adobe's Flash).
  • Laboratory4 is offering the joys of a fashion show right in your own home.
  • Pandemica is another fast paced pseudo AR shooting game for the iPhone.

Weekly quote comes from OneZeroThrice's piece "Who Is, and Who Isn't Augmented Reality"(yeah, I gave you the punchline, but you should read the whole article)
if only we, who know the difference between good and crap AR, can be more vocal - if we can start saying what we mean and not be afraid of pissing off the people who make this garbage ... maybe we'll actually save this industry from what happened to Virtual Reality.
And the weekly video is another "augmented" magic trick from Marco Tempest (see the first one here) (via The Future Digital Life):

Have a nice week, and don't forget to come back tomorrow for a peak at 2010.


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