Old McDonald Had an Augmented Farm

AgroTech, a Danish institute that provides consultancy and technological services for the agricultural industry, has created a rather interesting conceptual video, showing AR in an unconventional niche. The video below shows a farmer running a farm (milking cows, moving manor) aided by a pair of AR glasses. Though the text bubble are in Danish, you'll probably understand the jist of things

You're probably wondering what's the last bubble says. It's "Remember wedding anniversary tomorrow". So there you have it, a single system that reminds you when to milk your cow and when to buy a gift to your wife. Perfect!

More information over here.


Unknown said...

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Joey1058 said...

Now THIS is AR going in the correct direction! My very first impression is the HUD. It appears to be an intergrated unit, but the information is projected onto the lenses! This could well be the deal breaker for HUDs. The earpiece units could be produced seperately, and clipped onto a normal pair of prescription glasses, over-the-counter magnifiers, or even protective eyewear.

A very modern dairy farm. I would assume it's wifi ready. I'm a bit surprised they don't have robotic milkers. Refering to the HUD again, the farmer could offer the vetinarian a unit, so they could compare notes. For that matter, all the farm hands could probably be offered a unit as well.

All in all, a well produced video!!!

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