Jesse Schell - Rethinking Vision

Jesse Schell gave what can only be described as a "kick-ass" keynote in ARE2010. In less than 30 minutes he gave me so many points to think about when considering augmented reality in 2020, that I couldn't help but watch his presentation again, even though the video quality is less than perfect.

I will do great injustice to Schell by trying to summarize his talk, and you should really see it yourself, especially if you think that AR is about labeling things and will undoubtedly have a positive influence on our lives.

(sorry RSS readers, this is a Qik video and can't be embedded in the feed)

On a side note let me again apologize for not attending ARE2010. My transatlantic flight to Atlanta was canceled due to some technical problem and Delta wouldn't put me on another flight heading to the US for another 24 hours. Considering the connection involved, this would have meant getting to attend only that last couple of hours of the event, so I've decided to forgo the all idea.
Assuming my rescheduled flight will leave has planned, I'll be in San Francisco next week and the week after that in Washington DC, if anyone feels like meeting up.

Edit: I want to thank the "Avatar Hotel Great America" in Santa Clara for canceling my stay on a very short notice without fines. I'll be sure to stay with you the next time I'm in the vicinity.


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